Welcome to Songwe river basin development programme

Launching of the Detailed Design and Investment Preparation Project of the - SRBDP carried out on 16th July, 2012. Left: Honorabor Dr. Harrison G. Mwakyembe (MP), Minister for Transport, Tanzania. Right: Honorabor Dr. Richie B. Muheya (MP), Minister of Water Development and Irrigation, Malawi.
Welcome to Songwe River Basin Development Programme

The Songwe River Basin has an area of about 4 200 square kilometres the area of which covers parts of Chitipa and Karonga Districts in Malawi Kyela Ileje Mbozi and Mbeya Districts in Tanzania. The basin offers such opportunities as agricultural development; hydropower; fisheries; water supply and sanitation and recreation. On the other hand the basin has its own challenges such as higher population densities which are above the national averages frequent flooding during the rainy seasons which usually affects up to about 15 000 hectares and about 52 000 people in the basin and a meandering river course (mostly during floods) which leads to the shifting

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